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The TradeRoom

TCD’s TradeRoom is a social trading platform built by traders for traders. Where its ALL about trading TOGETHER!

Trading can be lonely. No doubt about it. So we’ve built a way to trade WITH people as a community! Where community is #1!

Share trading ideas, join Live market scans and a 24/7 virtual trading floor where we can hang out  while we trade!

In the TradeRoom you will be included in a supportive environment which encourages personal growth, education and community support.

A place to share your trading ideas and follow other experienced traders feeds to help keep your finger on the pulse of such a volatile market!  

We take pride in ourselves with honesty, integrity and aim to transform you from first time buyers into professional Traders.

What Our Members Say

Awesome team! Great to see real Aussie expertise in the crypto space. Keep up the great work Dave and the team!
Honest people - The best I have learned from in the last 5 years!
The course was super helpful and easy to understand. The crew at TCD are a great bunch and have created an amazing environment to develop your skills

Traderoom Pricing

$99 p/month

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7 day trial available here



Limited to first 100 members

$1150 p/year

The Committed