TCD’s Trading Challenge

TCD has created a trading challenge for the members of our TradeRoom.

The goal of this exercise is to grow your account by 15% each month. The end goal of this exercise is for account growth, consistency, inclusion and camaraderie for everyone and to have everyone that has committed to the challenge reach their final goal.

Starting balance is of your choice and exchange of your choice, can trade on any time frame. There will be a Google spreadsheet which will be shared monthly by all to track the groups progress. This is not all about the wins, it’s about working as a team to increase our accounts by 15% a month, if someone is having a few losses it’s important to work out how, why and move forward.

Start date is 1st October. [6:45 PM]


  1. This is not a race or competition
  2. This is a personal challenge which is made public to hold ourselves accountable
  3. No revenge trading
  4. Chart to be shared before entering (hope this will stop people FOMO’ing)
  5. Use proper risk management 1 – 5% of your account
  6. If you have had a few losses in a row, take a days break, regroup and get your head back in the game
  7. Follow your trade plan
  8. Short or long term trades acceptable
  9. If you wipe your account, you can start again
  10. Can use any exchange
  11. Starting balance of your choice

Join the TradeRoom to be part of this challenge and the amazing supportive culture that comes with it HERE

This challenge should only be taken by those who know how to trade. All trading decisions are to be made by the individual placing the trades and TCD or its agents are not liable for any losses incurred

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