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Always keep learning. No matter the topic or industry we need to have passion and drive to learn something new that will benefit not only ourselves but our future generations. My goal is to build generational wealth for my family. What’s yours? 

David Haslop
David Haslop
About the founder

About the founder

David Haslop

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

From humble beginnings Dave’s background is in construction and business. After having an interest and aptitude in financial markets Dave embarked on an education journey that would change his life. He started to study technical analysis and trading and how the financial markets move and respond to key factors. From here he discovered Bitcoin and digital currencies. At first he learned about the underlying technology – Blockchain, then after seeing the potential financial growth he went all in on Bitcoin!

Founded in 2017 The Crypto Den aims to help people understand Digital Currencies and how to trade them. Dave started The Crypto Den  after sharing his thoughts on the markets in public forums. As a professional trader many reached out to him for support and education. The demand was so high Dave decided to do something about it. Thus The Crypto Den was born

Over the last 3 years Dave has been leading over 20,000 members in The Crypto Den Facebook Group and his private discord server. Throughout this time Dave has worked along side many large Companies within the Crypto space, ranging from Exchanges such as Coinspot and Blockbid to Projects like Verge and Skycoin and now focuses all of his time educating others about Crypto and Crypto Trading.

Meet Our Team

These are the Legends that will guide you 

Cassie Miller

General Manager/Technical Analyst

The Crypto Den was one of the first groups Cassie joined when she started her trading career over 4 years ago.

Cassie has since developed her own successful trading style, she keeps it simple but effective, she has also mastered the art of patience, which is a much needed discipline in trading.

Cassie’s passion is to help/guide people find their own trading style and become successful traders.

Didier Mamet

General Manager/Technical Analyst

Didier has over 4 years Technical Analysis experience, his core strengths lie in Trading the financial markets and executing his strategy with precision. With a disciplined and patient trading nature, he is able to read and analyse the market allowing him the time to pull the trigger when the price is at it’s most profitable key area. Without over trading and causing paralysis over analysis, he believes patience is key. Developing a strong mindset is paramount to becoming a profitable trader.


Team Leader/Technical Analyst

Over the years of trading I have developed a basic trading strategy that can be used in any financial markets. Keep it simple.

-Bradley Macgregor


Team Leader/Technical Analyst

I predominantly trade patterns with the help of Fibonacci and some EMA’s. I like to keep the TA simple and not overcomplicate things by using too many indicators.

– Peter Tortorici


Team Leader/Technical Analyst

9 Years working in banking and finance, 5 years in business and small business development and 3 years in technical analysis and trading the markets.

-Adam Campbell 

Those who don't know must learn from those who do. Let us teach you the right way.

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